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Laboratory for Science Teaching

The Laboratory for Science Teaching operates since 1986. It reached official status in 1989 (Presidential Decree 353/89 published in the official Government Journal number 159Α/14-6-89). It is an autonomous unit within the Department for Elementary Teachers Education of the School for Education Studies of The University of Crete. The mission of the Laboratory is to support the Educational (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies) and the Research activities of the Department and the School in the areas of Science and Technology.

The Infrastructure of the Laboratory is used to support its education and research activities and includes:

The Laboratory is involved in numerous Research and Development projects at National and International level. Its firm policy is to be open to scientific collaborations from all over the world.

Address specific requests to P. G. Michaelides.

All messages are acknowledged individually. If such an acknowledgement is not received within a reasonable time please inquire, again. When inquiring please note that some firewalls and some antivirus programs delete or otherwise block messages with specific file attachments or other active elements. So make your inquiry with a plain English text e-mail message. Messages classified as spam mail are immediately ignored.

Communication Policy

For communication purposes of the Laboratory we operate an e-mail address list (EMAL) to which we may post some short e-mail messages relevant to the activities of the Laboratory. The entries in this list (EMAL) are e-mail addresses of Groups and of individuals. Only e-mail addresses are included in this list with no other personal details. Any e-mail message posted on any of these Groups is forwarded to every individual e-mail address included in the Group. This forwarding is done either automatically or, usually, after permission from the administrator of the Group. An e-mail message posted to our EMAL will be received in an individual e-mail address as many times as the number of Groups in EMAL this e-mail address is included to. Upon request, we will remove any individual e-mail address from the Groups under our control. However messages may still be received, if the e-mail address is included also in other Groups beyond our control.

Respecting the privacy of other persons we volunteer to the following rules:

These rules will facilitate the automatic treatment (e.g. priority, delete, forward, ...) of our messages.

If you have any inquiries please contact us.

English   Greek / Ελληνικά   Portuguese/ Portoghese   Home   The Laboratory   Rethimno   UoC Campus   Address any inquiries Here