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Orientation Information about Rethimno      (July 2005)

The information provided hereafter is meant as a first orientation to the total stranger. For specific information on travelling to Rethimno ask your travel agent.

You may travel to Rethimno:
Upon arrival at the Heraklio or Chania airport (or port):

From the port of Piraeus boats sail: The boats sail in the evening and reach their destinations (very) early next the morning. Fares vary in the range of 30 - 90 Euros depending on class. The liners are very comfortable, their restaurants normally serve nice reach meals in reasonable prices (not included in the fare). Bars, Disco, Cinema also operate. The voyage resembles usually a night sea cruise. In periods of increased demand daily voyages are also scheduled. During winter the itineraries are rarer (especially to Rethimno and to Agios Nikolaos.

Transportation between Rethimno city and the University (for more details click here) Weather. The weather in Rethimno is of a typical Mediterranean climate. You may find more specific information at the following links:

Have a nice stay in Rethimno!

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