English     Greek / Ελληνικά     How to reach The University of Crete campus at Rethimno from the city of Rethimno.

  1. By bus:
    Bus operates frequently between Rethimno and The University of Crete campus. The bus leaves the east end of Rethimno (Perivolia).There are frequent bus stops along the main road (P. Koundouriotou Av. - see Rethimno plan) crossing east-west the Rethimno city. Ask your hotel for advice. The fare is of the order of 1 Euro per trip. Tickets must be bought before entering the bus and validated inside. Tickets are sold at the kiosks (also at the kiosk in the campus). The trip (from the town centre) could take longer than 30 min. especially during rush hours.

  2. By Taxi:
    The fare is between 3 and 5 Euros depending on the pick-up location. There is a surcharge of 1 Euro for a telephone call.

  3. By Car:
    Travel the city westwards towards the Highway to Chania (for clarification see this Aerial picture.).
    A.-As the road starts uphill there is a traffic sign University - turn left (and uphill).
    B.-You will pass under the highway bridge - turn again left (the right turn is the highway to Iraklio) and follow the signs.
    C.-About 200m from this last left turn there is a right turn (towards Gallos).
    D.-About 2km later you will see the entrance to The University of Crete campus at your right.

Useful orientation information may be found in the following:

  1. An Aerial photo of the larger area of The University of Crete campus in .gif or in .jpg
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  4. A map of Crete from Microsoft Encarta© in .jpg
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