Hands on Science
  a Comenius 3 project partially financed by the European Commission

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The HSci2007 conference is now open. Click here for details.
The 4th International Conference on Hands-on Science, will take place in 23th - 27th July, 2007 in Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal. Click here for details.

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HSci - a presentation in brief

The Hands on Science network started as a formal project within the framework of SOCRATES COMENIUS 3 European Union program. The proposal for this project to the European Commission was drawn and submitted by Manuel Filipe Pereira da Cunha Martins Costa of the University of Minho. The original consortium extended to ten countries and included twelve partners plus an international association with 28 partners and a number of other collaborators as associated partners under the overall coordination of Manuel Filipe Costa.

After its approval, the HSci project began on October 1, 2003 its operation with its 1st meeting of the coordinators held on November 15, 2003 in Malta. In this 1st meeting most of the partners met for the first time although a number of them had also previous experience of working together. Overcoming normal mismatch and divergences, the partners reached a mutual understanding and in the short time elapsed they have produced very remarkable outcomes, as may be seen by browsing the projects web site or the individual web sites of the partners.

The HSci project is addressed to Science students, to teachers and other educators and to administrators of education. Its objectives focus on the promotion of the Hands on attitude for the teaching of Science. The project has expanded into a human network covering the whole of Europe and a real virtual community of persons interested in a more effective Science teaching has been formed.

The material produced within the projects action is useful to Hands on Science teaching and is available to interested teachers. Another very significant outcome of the project is the organization of many international events such as Science fairs and Science weeks, training seminars, workshops, conferences. In these events the participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences on good practices, syllabus and policy matters, social considerations and other issues related to Hands-on Science. More important they could be involved in face to face discussions establishing links with colleagues from different countries and (school) cultures and enhancing their visions.

The International Conference on Hands on Science has been established. The HSci 2004, HSci2005 and HSci 2006 International Conferences on Hands on Science are worthy International events.

P. G. Michaelides, B.Sc., Ph.D., LL.B.,
Professor at The University of Crete