Comenius Contact Seminar
A Comenius HelpDesk will be available during the Conference. Its purpose will be to facilitate the formation of consortiums in order to present new applications under the Comenius (School Education) scheme of the SOCRATES program.

A Comenius contact seminar will be also organized. In this seminar:

(*)Participants who want to distribute material should bring their own copies. The local Organizing Committee will be pleased to make photocopies of short documents in reasonable quantities. Inquiry in advance.

General Program of the Contact Seminar(1)

(1)This Contact Seminar is initiative of the Hands-on Science network and runs parallel to 2nd annual Conference of the Socrates Comenius 3 Hands-on Science network.

Possible Financial Aid
Potential participants may use this opportunity to apply to their relevant Socrates National Agencies for financial support. Ask your National Agency in time. An updated List of National Agencies exist in the SOCRATES pages of the European Union. Here is also a convenient list in Microsoft Word 2003© .doc or in Adobe Acrobat© .pdf. The Local Organizing Committee will be pleased to supply any supporting document.

Contact School
Persons interested may use for the formalities with their National Agencies the following school:
9th Primary school of Rethymno.
It is a primary school (grades 1-6) with a rich relevant activity.
Contact Person: Mr. Tsagliotis Nektarios, 9o Dimotiko Sxoleio, Misiria, GR-741 00 Rethymno-Crete, Greece. Tel.: + 30 28310 24378 (school), e-mail:

Address any inquiries to e-mail. See Communication   for details.