HSci 2005   July 13 -16, 2005 - University of Crete campus at Rethymno - Greece.

Summary of the Comenius contact seminar

Dear Colleagues ... Hello!

This is just a follow up e-mail from the Comenius Contact Seminar we had in Crete, a few days ago. I attach the list of participants with contact e-mails and relevant information, as well as the proposed topics for Comenius 1.1 proposals, which were presented and discussed in the meeting. A list of already existing projects within the "Hands-on Science Network" is also available. I think that this list needs updated information. For example the
Comenius 1.1 project "Solar Energy Awareness and Action" [SEAA], which I happen to co-ordinate, has been approved, but with less countries than those initially put down in the proposal (Portugal, Italy, Malta, Greece
/ Spain and Cyprus were left out). It would be interesting to hear relevant information on the other listed
Comenius 1.1 projects and perhaps update the web sites!! You now have a sort of a "mailing list", so if you "reply to all" everybody gets your e-mail!! Have a nice summer everyone!!


July 26, 2005  Nektarios Tsagliotis


New Projects proposed and discussed at the Comenius Contact Seminar:

1.      Basic electronics built at home

         Carlos Teixeira,

2.      Learning Science towards a sustainable development

         Rui Baptista,

3.      Play performances: Science on stage

         Cristina .M R. Carvalhinho,

4.      Science Teaching: A historical approach

         Carlos Filipe dos Santos Lima,

5.      Science and Art

         Patricia Sam Paio,


Comenius projects already existing:

1.      Optics: Light and Colour

2.      Scart: Science and Art

3.      Holography: Environment

4.      Robotics: Eurobotice

5.      Robotics: Sports Robots

6.      Robotics: Dance Robots

7.      Solar Energy Awareness & Action (SEAA)