July 6, 2005

How to reach the Conference Place.      See the Conference Program and the campus map for details.
The Conference will take place in The University of Crete campus at Rethimno. Just after the entrance you will see signs with the HSci logo to guide you.
The Conference Secretariat will be in area 16 where Coffee breaks will also be served.
The Plenary events during Wednesday July 13, 2005 and Thursday July 14, 2005 will be at the main auditorium D3
Parallel events will be at the auditorium D7, the auditorium D6, the rooms B1-26 and B1-29 (in the same bulding as the auditorium D6) and in the atriums between the buldings.
     See the Conference Program and the campus map for details.

You may reach The University of Crete campus from Rethimno city in either of the following ways:

I.-Using the Conference Bus.

On Wednesday July 13, 2005 at 8:20 a bus will leave from the Theartemis Pallas Hotel for The University of Crete campus. There will be a stop at 4 Martiron Sq (red point 4 of the Rethimno plan - look for the person with an HSci 2005 plate). The bus will return to Rethimno at the end of the Conference day.

If you want to reserve a place in the Conference bus on Thursday July 14, 2005 and on Friday July 15, 2005 ask for it during Registration.

II.- On your own means.

  1. By bus:
    Bus operates every hour between Rethimno and The University of Crete campus. The bus leaves the east end of Rethimno (Perivolia) at 7:30, at 8:00 and then on the hour every hour. The corresponding timetable from the campus is at 8:00, at 8:30 and then every hour on the half hour. There are frequent bus stop along the main road (P. Koundouriotou Av. - see Rethimno plan) crossing east-west the Rethimno city. Ask your hotel for advice. The fare is 1 euro per trip. Tickets must be bought before entering the bus and validated inside. Tickets are sold at the kiosks (also at the kiosk in the campus). The last bus from Rethimno is at 18:00 and from the campus at 18:30 and at 20:30.

  2. By Taxi:
    The fare is between 3 and 5 euros depending on the pick-up location. There is a surcharge of 1 euro for a telephone call.

  3. By Car:
    Travel the city westwards towards the Highway to Chania.
    A.-As the road starts uphill there is a traffic sign University - turn left (and uphill).
    B.-You will pass under the highway bridge - turn again left (the right turn is the highway to Iraklio) and follow the signs.
    C.-About 200m from this last left turn there is a right turn (towards Gallos).
    D.-About 2km later you will see the entrance to The University of Crete campus at your right.

Useful orientation information may be found in the following:

  1. An Aerial photo of the larger area of The University of Crete campus in .gif or in .jpg
  2. A plan map of the inner city of Rethimno in .gif or in .jpg
  3. A (longitudinal) map of the larger area of Rethimno in .gif or in .jpg
  4. A map of Crete from Microsoft Encarta© in .jpg
  5. A prospectus prepared for the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) 20-25 September 2004, The University of Crete Campus at Rethimno in pdf