Authoring and compilation of texts Dr James Gillies, CERN
Dr Richard Jacobsson, CERN
Design and implementation of the layout and format Dr Richard Jacobsson, CERN
Duck illustrations Nina Paley
Initiator of the Hands-On-CERN : Physics analysis using a graphical event display Prof. Erik Johansson, Stockholm Univ.
Production of the event files for the projects Dr Tord Malmgren, Stockholm Univ.
Tutorial events and the simple graphical event display Dr Tim Adye, Rutherford Lab.
WIRED, the graphical event display WIRED development team, CERN
Mark Donszelmann, CERN
Dr Tord Malmgren, Stockholm Univ.
In addition, the authors would like to thank Dr Catriona Charlesworth and Dr Philippe Charpentier for useful suggestions, and careful reading and testing the CD-ROM.

Acknowledgement of specific pieces of material

The particle accelerator game Microcosm - The CERN onsite exhibition

All astronomical images ©NASA

All other photographs ©CERN except:
L3 detector and LEP accelerator on the "What is CERN" page Peter Ginter

Particle Physics Education CD-ROM ©1999 CERN