The scope of the Conference consists in the new developments in the Didactics of Mathematics, especially in relation with the use of the New Technologies of Informatics, as well as the Technologies of Informatics and their use in Teaching and in the school operation. The awareness about these developments, about relevant ongoing activities in Greece and internationally, and their adaptation to the context of the contemporary school reality are also essential objectives of this Conference. The opportunity to discuss the recent Greek educational reform will also be given.


Conference Themes

Within the scope of the Conference the following themes are included:

A.-Didactics of Mathematics

  • Mathematical Thinking and Tools
  • Alternative Concepts and Affective Factors in the Teaching of Mathematics
  • Early Mathematical Sense
  • Epistemology, Imagery and Visualisation, Mental Models
  • Metacognition and Theories of Learning in Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Computational Models in Problem Solving Processes
  • Didactics of Mathematics and Educational Software for Mathematics
  • Attitudes and Concepts of Pupils on Mathematics and New Technologies

B.-Informatics in Education

  • Informatics in Education.
  • Informatics in the Teaching of Exact Sciences
  • Development of Educational System Modeling
  • Educational Applications of Virtual Reality
  • Expert Systems in Teaching and Learning
  • Multimedia and Hypermedia Applications in Teaching and Learning
  • Educational Software Design and Development
  • Educational Software for Persons with Special Needs
  • Informatics in Open and Distance Education
  • Informatics and Curricula
  • Cognitive models and hypermedia
  • Epistemology and New Technologies of Information
  • Evaluation of Educational Software.


Within the parallel sessions "round table" workshops will be organised on specific topics. Their findings will be presented in the Conference and will be included in the Proceedings.

D.-Exhibitions and Show-Rooms

In parallel with the Conference proceedings there will be exhibitions and showrooms on subjects relevant to the scope of the Conference (e.g. educational software, teaching material, ongoing projects not yet mature to paper etc.).