About Crete

Ferry Lines

RESERVATIONS: (0831) 55518, 29221, 26876, Fax 55519

ANEK Central Offices
RESERVATIONS: 01-4197420, 0831-29874,

MINOAN  Central Offices
RESERVATIONS: 01-6898340, TLX.:215582 FAX: 01- 6898344,



Olympic Airways, 0831-27353,
Air-Greece, 081-284512, 0821-66304,
Cronus Airlines, 081-222217, 0821-51100,
Aegean Airlines, 081-243405, 081-330475, 081-341306


For further information contact your local travel agent or RETHYMNO TOURS: ิel.: (+ 30 831) 22480, Fax: (+ 30 831) 54977
Manager: Mr. Tsagarakis Stelios, e-mail:

Approaching Rethymno

You can travel to Rethymno:

by airplane to Heraklio or Chania airport and then take a bus or a taxi to Rethymno, or

by boat directly to Rethymno port or to Heraklio and Chania port and then take a bus or a taxi to Rethymno

From the airport of Heraklio or Chania you can:


From Pireaus port


Transportation from Rethymno to the University Campus


Other useful information:


We wish  you a pleasant travel!