Paper presented at the International Conference “Computer Based Learning in Science (CBLIS 2003)”, organized by the University of Cyprus in Nicosia-Cyprus, 5-10 July 2003 Proceedings Volume I pp 792-799.


An affordable and efficient in-service training scheme for the Science Teacher



P. G. Michaelides




In this work a scheme for continuing in-school training of primary and secondary school Science teachers is presented. This system, using extensively the Internet and based on distance education methods, exhibits significant advantages compared with other forms of training. The proposed system may also be used as an on line help provider to the school personnel, a feature not possible under most of the current teacher training schemes; this feature is useful for schools in isolation or at hard to reach areas. This system has the advantage to be affordable to all the teachers, irrespectively of the location of their schools, and uses wisely time, resources and human capital. It requires a good operational scheme, which may be developed, and an infrastructure, which is already present in the schools. It eliminates the teacher mobility due to personnel participation in short term training schemes. This characteristic is very important to the school operation. The operational scheme and the infrastructures required for the operation of the proposed scheme may also be used for the communication – cooperation within the framework of other school activities or participation to (competitive) programs, e.g. COMENIUS.




INTERNET, training, in-school training, Science teacher training.